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Marine Rubber Foam (MRF)

Marine Rubber Foam (MRF500) is a two-component RTV silicone foam that features excellent crack-and-void filling capabilities.  Unlike other foams, MRF500 exhibits uniform cell structure, assuring reproducible, smoke-tight, fire resistant installations.  Minimal pressure during foaming virtually eliminates shrinkage of the cured material.  The elastic properties of the foam readily accommodate minor vibration of the pipe without loss of system integrity.  It is used in a 1:1 mix ratio, MRF500 and when properly mixed, expands two to four times its original volume.  It fills available spaces and forms an effective barrier against fire, smoke and water penetration.


  • High resilience allows movement due to expansion, contraction, or vibration.
  • Excellent water resistance for water-tight sealing.
  • Soft setting foam for easy retrofitting of cables.
  • Uniform cell structure ensures reproducible results every time.
  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates.
  • Excellent smoke seal.


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Marine and Offshore Rubber Foam

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